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Discovering the erogenous zones

Your body is a universe to be explored, rich in sensitive zones that, when stimulated with careful passion, may offer you captivating pleasure and spark your sensual desire.

But while you already know some of them well, others are not so well known and deserve to be discovered.

Let’s start with the male zones: many men love to be gently bit by the chin, so keep this in mind to make him a nice surprise between kisses.

From chin to hair is just a small step but highly recommended, because caressing and gently kissing the back head, rich in nerve endings, is a perfect way to start playing with your partner.

Among the less explored parts of the body, the legs: a massage on the sole is considered very arousing. Another trick? Under the third finger there is a point called Bubbling springs, known to be a real source of pleasure involving the leg up to the genitals. Try and you will see!

What about the female body? Even in this case, apart from genitals, mouth and nipples, there is much more: the inner part of the elbow and the back part of the knee are surprisingly sensitive areas which deserve your attention to obtain arousal through stimulating touches.

Do not forget the neck, one of the most sensitive areas, which deserves being stimulated with kisses, caresses and delicate bites.

Going up from the neck, you will reach another erotic area: the ear, which you can gently bite or lick, or to which you can whisper provocative desires to stimulate your partner’s fantasy.

There is another place where losing yourself is pleasurable for both: the bellybutton, that can be explored all around with circular movements of the hands or of the mouth, or stimulated inside with the tongue, before reaching the hotter points.

To guide you in the exploration of your body towards new pleasure horizons, Control created four 2-in-1 massage and pleasure gels, with perfumes inspired from faraway and fascinating places: Madagascar Sweetness, sweet like African vanilla; Mediterranean Sea, fresh like the Mediterranean breeze; Thai Passion, charming like Oriental spices and Exotic Escape, exotic like the South American fruits.

Hydrating ad lubricating, they can be used together with the toys to offer you an exhilarating touch to your journey in the world of pleasures.

Ready to go?