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#PleasureStories to be experienced on the skin

With the new Control 2-in-1 Massage&Pleasure gels, pleasure is a story that has a beginning and many, captivating endings. 

Thanks to their evocative and seducing perfumes, the Control 2-in-1 Massage&Pleasure gels create captivating, sensual and unpredictable pleasure stories. Everything starts when it is applied on the skin: the fantasy is soon stimulated, new emotions emerge accompanying the love game, offering it touches reminding you of the exotic South-Americathe Oriental spicesthe Mediterranean freshness or the African vanilla sweetness. Having a soft and silky texture, the Control 2-in-1 Massage&Pleasure gels are perfect for pleasurable massages on the entire body. The next time, change the ending of your evening and choose the 2-in1 Control gel that arouses you most: each touch will be an unforgettable pleasure story.